House Advantage

Client case study

The Challenge

House Advantage prides itself on being “the biggest gaming company that you have never heard of.” Their customer loyalty solutions power some of the largest casinos around the world -- if you’ve ever been to Vegas you’ve interacted with them and not even realized it. So we were thrilled when they came to us to design their new flagship mobile application - HALo Mobile - and completely overhaul the user experience. House Advantage continues to provide us with projects that illustrate the benefits of our process.

User Experience

How Cubicflow Helped

Before the HALo Mobile app, using HALo was dependent on a legacy version of Internet Explorer running on desktop PCs -- leaving users stuck at a desk, or worse, inside an office away from their customers. Our job was to turn that experience upside down, and put the user back in front of their customers with an incredibly powerful and incredibly simple mobile app. As part of the initial project we created a refreshed design language for the entire HALo platform. Cubicflow continues to work with House Advantage on feature upgrades to HALo Mobile and other apps in their lineup.

“Once I actually got the opportunity to work with Cubicflow on a project, I started to understand what set them apart from other companies that I had was their process. They are talented artists, branding experts, UI designers for sure...but their process is what makes them truly unique, and is what makes their resulting product truly different from other companies. You have to experience it for yourself to understand... but you won’t be disappointed.”
Jon Wolfe, CEO, House Advantage
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